The international business world brings you
The Grand Conspiracy
Masked behind the symbol of the louvered orb

Have you noticed the corporate world's predilection for louvered orbs as logos? I have decided to conclude that the only force that could drive so many to the same basic symbol must be a grand conspiracy. No doubt this conspiracy is the work of aliens! Anything else would not be fun to believe.

So I ask you to help me broaden my collection of louvered orb corporate logo symbols. If you find a corporate logo that is composed of the louvered orb, please send me the link.

They control what we say:


AT Systems

letter A containing a louvered orb


They control what we see:
Blinds To Go

They control our money and how we buy:

Look at your ATM for these symbols:

  • Cirrus
  • Maestro


(louvered orb with a goose superimposed)


They control where we go and how we get there:


Liberty Cab - Philadelphia, PA.: Louvered Orb with Liberty Bell

They control our health:

They control how we treat other people

see the TV comercial where the orb morphs into this symbol



The are altering the way we educate our children:
  now Philadelphia College  


Are these attempts to mask the louvered orb by altering it?

What else do they control? Let us know.

You may now chant the mantra of paranoia: "It's a conspiracy."

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