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Where has our creator placed his messages?

What will these messages tell us?


Some say that God wrote the Bible. At least they say that God inspired the Bible. If that is true, then God created the universe and the human soul also. This might be painfully self-evident. But, this idea has logical consequences.

If God inspired the Bible, then he created the universe also. The Bible says so. If he created the universe, then he put something of himself into the universe. The universe contains a message from God. At least the universe contains a message about its creator, much as Falling Water tells us something about Frank Lloyd Wright. Thus, the universe will teach us something about God and how he created it. The universe will not lie unless God designed a lie into it.

Also, God created the human soul. The Bible says so. And as much as the universe tells us about its creator, so does the human soul. The Bible even says that he designed the human soul in his own image. So the nature of God exists within the human soul. If it doesn't, then the Bible is not true.

So if the Bible is true, then the message of God can be found in three places: the Bible, the universe, and the human soul. The universe gives us many messages. We have dinosaur fossils, and trilobites, and rock strata on earth. We see craters on every planet and our own moon. We see isotopes and patterns of radioactive decay. We see parallax between the stars, spectra and red shifts within their light.

The universe sends us many messages. To say that these messages are not true is to say that God is a liar, because he put those messages there. The messages teach us of billions of years of history before mankind. They tell us of unusual living things and entire ecosystems that have come and gone. They tell us of many species and many changes. These things are part of the message that God has designed into his universe. To discredit these messages is to call God a liar.

God also wrote messages into our souls. We know our desires, our fears, our ability to interpret and understand what we see. These are all part of God's design. Even our ability to read the messages of the universe is part of God's design. The messages in the universe along with our ability to read those messages work together as part of God's design. So God's message is within your own heart and your own mind.

When you struggle to believe something, do you doubt? We've all talked to many who do. That doubt is part of God's design. As you go through the stages of life and your needs, beliefs, and desires change - the very need for your beliefs to change is part of God's design. Even your desires are part of God's design.

When you meditate, pray, or sing spiritual songs, these are all what God planted in you. But not just in you. People all over the world meditate, and pray, and sing spiritual songs. The Old Testament saints became holy not by reading any scriptures, for scriptures did not exist at that time, but simply by accepting the messages that their creator had put in their hearts. Similarly, people all over the world experience what the Old Testament saints experienced, for the God's design is within them regardless of what they believe.

So what do you do when the messages written on the universe are different from those you are told are in the Bible? The messages written on the universe were written by God, and never changed by any man. Do you call God a liar? Do you claim that the fossils and light spectra give false messages?

When the messages in your own heart differ from those that preachers say, are in the Bible what do you do? Do you reject the instruction that God has placed in your own heart? When God has given you the power to reason, do you reject your own power instead to follow religious leaders blindly? When God has placed within your own heart the instruction of doubt, do you reject instruction of the inner voice given to you by God and turn to blind-faith in the instructions of men? Do you reject the feelings, the love, the desires, the peace- all feelings that God has given you to feel?

Many Bible teachers say we must follow them blindly. They say we must reject the messages that God wrote onto nature and into our hearts. They say that when nature differs from their interpretation of the Bible that nature is wrong. They say that the messages in your heart are wrong. But, in saying this, they make God out to be a liar. They say that the messages that God put into nature, and into your heart, are lies. So which do you believe? The God that has designed nature, and put his image on your heart, or the preacher who with pride and arrogance tells you otherwise?