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Right Wing vs. Left Wing

Its all the same bird.

Americans are convinced that they can view the world as right wing vs. left wing where right and left are opposites. But like the right hand and the left hand they have more in common than in difference, And like wings on a vulture they are part of the same beast, where their opposite actions work together to make the vulture fly. Here are some historical examples:

The Civil War (AKA: the war of Northern Aggression)

Before 1860, the needs of the South conflicted with the business interests of the North. The propaganda campaign of the left stepped up to depict the South as subhuman, lazy, ignorant, slave masters. With the south morally discredited by the propaganda of the Left, the Northern military industrial complex could legitimize sending its armies to promote Yankee business interests. With both the right wing and left wings working the vulture could swoop and take its prey.

Race relations
The right wing has created its business culture, a culture which must be learned for all Americans who desire to rise in status and wealth. The Left wing has promoted "multiculturalism" where by white liberals teach African Americans, "your culture is different; do not teach white culture to your children." In doing so, African Americans they discourage minority children from learning the culture of business by which wealth and status are attained. The right creates a narrowly defined culture for acquiring wealth, and the left wing discourages minorities from learning that culture.** The wings are moving in opposite directions, but by doing so the vulture takes it's prey.

The Peace Corps
All the Left believes in peace. And they enjoy other cultures. They believe that, "if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but teach him to fish and he will eat for his lifetime." So they created the Peace Corps to …. Well, the Right Wing values business interests. So the Peace Corps teaches other peoples accounting and debt management. It teaches them how to produce in ways that could be used to export goods for western business. Some of these new methods of producing undermine the indigenous cultures, destroy the native environments, and hurt the little guys. But the moralistic interests of the Left Wing produced the opportunity for profit for the Right Wing. The wings moved opposite; the vulture swooped and took its prey.

Long before the attack on the World Trade Center, the Left Wing had already started its campaign against the Taliban. The Taliban were depicted as subhuman, in that they denied women's rights, they would not allow children to play, they were intolerant of other cultures - or so the Left told us. What we do know is that they threatened, even attacked, the business interests of the Right Wing. So the wings of the vulture worked together, the prey, the Taliban was taken. Afghanistan will be transformed into a country that respects individual rights, just enough to promote western business interests.

American history is full of example of the union of the right and left that has been researched by others:

  • The Federal Reserve was created in response to a movement started by billionaire business men, and in turn used to create social programs that regulated the poor.
  • The New Deal (programs for the poor) gave America control of much of the world's gold supply.
  • Environmental regulations protect corporations and their CEO's from facing major consequences for the damages they cause.
  • Open Space laws, designed to protect the environment, have been used by rich people to save tax dollars while keeping other out of their neighborhoods.
  • Tax reform movements, promoted for the fair treatment of middle-class taxpayers have been used to reduce the taxes paid by the rich.
  • In the years before the attack on Pearl Harbor, many American peace activists worked diligently, and honestly, to keep American from joining the senseless killing. Many of the leaders of the peace organizations were secretly members of the American Nazi party working to keep America from opposing Hitler.

If you can't find more examples of the right and left working together, then you're not really looking. Ask, for example, "what political/social philosophies did Rockafeller, Roosevelt, and Bill Gates all support?" In the end the greatest damage is done when the actions of the right support the actions of the left, much as wings moving in opposite directions make the vulture fly.


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Disclaimer: The author of this essay not anti-multi-culturalism, nor anti-business, nor even anti-American. He is simply discouraged, and occasionally amused, by the right vs. left, Republican vs. Democrat, mythology that Americans hold so sacred. He believes that if we rise above this mythology we will do less harm to each other.