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TEA Party Patriotism

Are you a fiscal conservative? Are you mad at spending and deficit increases? Show your patriotism with these ideas.


Show your patriotism by carrying one of these signs to your next TEA Party rally.

Your children will pay for your CEO's tax cut. Balance the budget.
Bush raised spending and the deficit. Don't let Obama be another Bush.
War raises taxes. We cannot afford these wars!
Robin Hood Socialism: Bush taxed your children to give the bankers a tax break.
The GOP spends and borrows, spends and borrows. Stop the GOP.
$2 Trillion to kill Saddam. What a deal!
Bush looked the other way as the bankers gambled away your savings. Bush taxed your children to bail out the bankers.
Borrow and spend is worse than tax and spend.
We will NOT render unto Caesar.
Sarah taxed the rich corporations and gave to the poor citizens.
Sarah raised corporate taxes.
We proudly serve Mammon. We Love Money.
Spend, Sarah, Spend!

Ways to demonstrate your TEA Party Patriotism

  • Refuse to accept your unemployment check.
  • Refuse to accept your Social Security check.
  • Refuse to accept Medicare.
  • Boycott Arab oil.
  • Boycott Walmart's Chinese imports.
  • Boycott all banks that received bailout money.
  • Ask your congressman to restore the tax structure that balanced the budget.

Examples of Socialism to oppose.

  • Sarah Palin taxed the oil companies and gave the money to the citizens of Alaska.
  • George Bush taxed your children and gave the money to the rich.
  • George Bush taxed your children and gave the money to the bankers.
  • American subsidized corn got shipped to Mexico, under NAFTA, putting Mexican farmers out of work. The Mexican farmers crossed the border to America to look for illegal work.
  • Bush raised spending by $3000 per family.

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