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  When you came of age, you could tell that something was wrong. The rules of society violated some truth that existed within you. The rules did not represent the truth within your heart. Traditional rules seemed to violate any truth. There was something clearly wrong, something that you were driven to rebel against.
In your rebellion, you challenged the very deep elements of the heart. You challenged the very definitions of spirituality, of god, of truth. The god you were raised with had let you down; the "truth" you were taught was false. You sought a new truth. The rules you were required to follow prove inhuman. You looked for something superior to those rules.
You were no longer willing to depend on somebody else's rules, dogmas or artificial truths. You may not have realized it, but what you were looking for was love. You were seeking a perfect love and perfect trust. The traditions you were raised with did not offer you these things. So you abandoned your rules and traditions. You sought something new: spirituality founded in perfect love and perfect trust.